About us

Neokidney consists of three legal entities:

  • Neokidney Foundation attracts funding and guarantees that the venture stays faithful to its goals
  • Neokidney Holding oversees the finances and IP, and directs the venture’s activities
  • Neokidney Development executes and/or participates in projects and partnerships with the goal to develop the portable, artificial kidney. 

The board of the Neokidney Foundation consists of six board members, three of whom are appointed on behalf of the supervisory board of the Dutch Kidney Foundation. One Board member represents the three Dutch health care insurers participating in Neokidney (Zilveren Kruis/Achmea, CZ  and Menzis). The board brings together the perspectives of patients, professionals, lawyers (patent, etc.), financiers and entrepreneurs, and serves as the board of directors of the Neokidney Holding.

Management and the board are advised by the Advisory Board of leading nephrologists (clinical, etc.), entrepreneurs and scientists, which includes nephrologist professors Ton Rabelink, PhD and Norbert Lameire, PhD, as well as the professor of medicine, entrepreneur and investor Clemens van Blitterswijk, PhD.