June 8th, 2016 – Zilveren Kruis, Menzis and CZ invest in portable artificial kidney

Health insurers participate in initiative of Dutch Kidney Foundation

Three major Dutch health care insurers, Zilveren Kruis, Menzis and CZ will participate in the initiative of the Dutch Kidney Foundation to develop a portable artificial kidney. Collaboratively the health insurers contribute, on top of their knowledge and expertise, 6.8 million Euro. Their motive: to realise better quality of life for people who have to dialyse against decreased cost of health care. This small innovative haemodialysis device - that fits on a nightstand - will make this possible. The device will increase freedom of choice for patients, enabling dialysis patients to life their lives less restrained to the hospital.

“A millstone for dialysis patients, says Tom Oostrom, director of the Dutch Kidney Foundation. “A unique cooperation with Zilveren Kruis, Menzis and CZ is of major importance for the realisation of the portable artificial kidney. It shows that these health care insurers do see the importance of innovation in the area of dialysis. This cooperation enables the possibility to already prepare the future implementation within the Dutch health care system.”

Further details can be found in our press release (Dutch).

May 23 2014 - Debiotech, AWAK and Neokidney Development sign partnership to bring compact home haemodialysis machine to first patients by 2017

Today three international innovators join forces to develop and deliver to patients the world's first portable artificial kidney. Debiotech of Switzerland, AWAK of Singapore and Neokidney Development, an initiative of the Dutch Kidney Foundation, have signed a joint venture agreement to complete a functional model in 2015. Clinical trials are planned for 2017. The portable artificial kidney will enable the frequent and longer home haemodialysis that significantly improves and extends patients' lives.

Further details can be found in our press release.